118th National Convention

July 22-26, 2017

​New Orleans, LA

These pictures were taken during the 1935 National Convention where James E. Van Zandt was voted in as Commander in Chief for the 3rd consecutive year. Thanks to Doug Thomas from Post 8973 in New Orleans for sharing these photos with us!

*This will be the 8th time New Orleans has hosted the VFW National Convention.
*Chicago is the only city that has hosted it more than New Orleans, having done so 11 times. *But Chicago has not hosted it again since our own Larry Rivers was elected as Commander in Chief there in 1988.
*New York & Pittsburgh have both hosted it 6 times.
*Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia have hosted it 5 times each. 

We are looking to another wonderful National Convention for our organization this year! 

The Department will need MANY volunteers to help with various different events that will be taking place during the convention. If you are very and willing to volunteer, please click on the link below and sign up! We will appreciate all of the help we can get!

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Below you will find the chairman for the categories we need volunteers for. If you have any questions about the category you'd like to volunteer for, please contact the chairman.


RAY BASS    C-504-273-3622   EMAIL: lavfwcommander2016@yahoo.com


MATT WEST   C-337-353-6009  EMAIL: mattwest41@yahoo.com


GERALD DUGAS  C-504-427-4831   EMAIL: snakeeyes3121@yahoo.com


BOBBY LOVERGNE  C-504-251-5628   EMAIL: rlovergne@cox.net


TIM SLOAN   C-318-230-4055   EMAIL: ta.sloan@yahoo.com

Let's travel back in time....